Thrilling Preseason Showdown: Washington Commanders Edge Baltimore Ravens 29-28

Thrilling Preseason Showdown: Washington Commanders Edge Baltimore Ravens 29-28 – The Baltimore Ravens had been on a winning streak in preseason games, but that winning run came to an end on a Monday night. They faced off against the Washington Commanders in Landover, Maryland and unfortunately lost by a narrow margin, with the final score being 29-28.

It was the second game of the preseason, and it turned out to be quite an exciting one. The lead changed hands multiple times, and things got off to a really fast start. In fact, during the first half-hour of the game, both teams combined to score a total of 31 points.

As the game neared its conclusion, with just three minutes left on the clock and the Commanders trailing by just 2 points, their quarterback Jake Fromm took charge. He orchestrated an impressive drive that covered a distance of 51 yards, setting up Joey Slye to kick the game-winning field goal that sealed their victory.

A standout player in the game was Sam Howell. He was making his debut as the main quarterback for the Washington team, set to lead them in the regular season. Sam’s performance was impressive, completing 19 out of 25 passes for a total of 188 yards. He scored two touchdowns and crucially, he didn’t allow the opposing team to intercept the ball. He showcased his skills over two quarters of the game.

On the other side, quarterback Josh Johnson, an experienced NFL player, was leading the Ravens. He made a strong impact from the beginning, completing three out of four passes for 50 yards and securing a touchdown in a 75-yard opening drive. Johnson’s overall performance was solid, completing ten out of twelve passes for 145 yards and two touchdowns.

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One of the stars on the offensive side was undoubtedly Sam Howell, the Commanders’ quarterback. He completed an impressive 19 out of 25 passes, totaling 188 yards and scoring two touchdowns. His playing style was bold, throwing the ball quite far down the field. What’s remarkable is that even with his aggressive approach, he managed to complete nearly 80% of his passes, which is a remarkable achievement.

The defense also had its shining moment, particularly with Ar’Darius Washington’s performance. A seasoned cornerback in his third year, Washington did a great job covering the slot receivers of the opposing team. He allowed them to catch the ball three times, but his tight coverage meant they gained only 20 yards in total. He made sure they didn’t get far and allowed them to move the chains only once.

Adding to the excitement was the introduction of a rookie player, Zay Flowers, a wide receiver for the Ravens. In the opening drive, Flowers truly stood out, catching the ball twice for a combined 37 yards and securing his very first NFL touchdown. Impressively, he showcased his agility by gaining 28 yards after the catch and eluding two tackles along the way.

A round of applause goes to the Commanders’ offensive line, the group responsible for safeguarding the quarterback. They put up an impressive performance, particularly in the first half. Initial game analysis by experts revealed that they only allowed the opposing team to pressure their quarterback twice out of 24 attempts.

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