Trey Lance’s New Journey: From 49ers to Cowboys in NFL Trade

Trey Lance’s New Journey: From 49ers to Cowboys in NFL Trade – Guess what? The San Francisco 49ers are actually trading their quarterback, Trey Lance, to the Dallas Cowboys. This juicy tidbit of info was shared with us by the inside scoop guy at NFL Network, Ian Rapoport.

So, here’s the deal: in exchange for Trey Lance, the 49ers are getting their hands on a 2024 fourth-round pick. And guess who spilled the beans on this trade talk? It’s none other than Tom Pelissero, also from NFL Network Insider.

Here’s the backstory: remember when the 49ers went all out and used not one, not two, but three of their top draft picks to snag Trey Lance as the third overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft? Well, times have changed. Now, Trey Lance is moving down the pecking order to become the third-string quarterback. This little switcheroo happened after a friendly competition that ended with Sam Darnold snagging the backup quarterback gig. But, even with all this, Coach Kyle Shanahan is still super hopeful about Trey Lance’s potential success, whether he sticks with the 49ers or finds a new home in the future.

Let’s talk stats: Trey Lance hasn’t exactly been on the field a whole lot for the 49ers. He’s only played in eight games over the span of two years. And get this, he’s actually setting a bit of history! He’s the guy with the fewest games played out of all the top-five picks for the team he started with, going all the way back to 1967. Pretty neat fact, right? Thank you, NFL Research, for that little nugget.

But hold on tight, because the plot thickens: Trey Lance is now packing his bags for a new adventure with the Dallas Cowboys. This switch-up is pretty big for both Trey Lance and the 49ers. They’re saying goodbye to a player who was once considered a big part of their future plans.

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Trey Lance’s time to shine as a starter was a bit short-lived with the 49ers, mostly because he had a few run-ins with injuries. He hurt his finger and knee during his first season, and then his ankle took a hit just two games into the 2022 season. These injuries opened the door for other players, with Brock Purdy swooping in to take the lead.

Taking a look at his record, Trey Lance started as the quarterback four times for the 49ers. In those games, he threw for 797 yards, managed to get five touchdowns, but also had three interceptions.

Now, let’s fast forward to his next chapter: Trey Lance in a Cowboys jersey. Right now, the Cowboys’ main man is Dak Prescott. Behind him are Cooper Rush and Will Grier as backup quarterbacks. Trey Lance is going to be starting off as the third-string quarterback, but don’t let that fool you – there’s potential for him to rise up the ranks. And here’s a little tidbit: even though he’s just 23, people are pretty excited about what Trey Lance could bring to the table. The Cowboys are taking a chance on him, giving him an opportunity to shine. And hey, he’s going to be pocketing $6.25 million for the next couple of seasons. If things go well, the Cowboys even have the option to keep him for a fifth year. Talk about confidence!

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