Google Cloud and Redox unlock legacy formats for Healthcare

Google Cloud and Redox unlock legacy formats for Healthcare: Redox is a pioneer in interoperability in healthcare as well as Google Cloud has joined forces to facilitate the exchange of health data from old systems to Google Cloud products like Healthcare Data Engine and Healthcare API. The collaboration will allow health organizations to create longitudinal perspectives to improve their services to members and patients.

In the course of this collaboration, Redox will replicate its platform on Google Cloud, offering customers the entire range of Redox’s top-of-the-line services, products, and experiences.

Redox Healthcare Integration Redox Healthcare Integration is now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace, enabling health plans providers as well as life science medical device companies as well as digital health organizations, to include standards such as C-CDA, HL7v2, C-CDA, X12, DICOM, and many more into FHIR.

Utilizing existing integrations between providers and libraries The solution leverages existing integrations and libraries to make it quicker and simpler for companies to utilize the Google Cloud’s Healthcare API and Healthcare Data Engine which allows for an interoperable and continuous record of data from patients.

Luke Bonney, CEO of Redox stated: “Healthcare organizations are transforming with the help of new applications and analytical instruments powered with cloud technologies.┬áRedox was developed to assist these new tools using an enterprise-scale exchange of data with clinics, hospitals, as well as health, plans Healthcare Information Exchanges, networks, and other sources that serve as the core of data for healthcare.

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“Together, Redox and Google Cloud enable providers and health plans to maximize the use of their legacy system data in a single cloud database up to 80 percent faster than other solutions.”

Chris Sakalosky, vice president, Strategic Industries at Google Cloud stated: “When we first collaborated with Redox and saw how quickly we could aid an organization in healthcare to further speed up data interoperability, we had an “aha” moment.

“With this partnership, we continue to help organizations across the healthcare spectrum tackle the most complex data harmonization challenges, unlocking insights and improving outcomes.”

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