Science and Technology Discoveries and Inventions 2023

Science and Technology Discoveries and Inventions 2023: The evolution of science and technology is a boon for humanity. It allows us to learn a lot about our world. Technology’s advancement has led to scientific advances and revolutionized many fields, including education, medicine, agriculture, and so on. Technology and science have had a profound impact on our lives. Without it, many of the things we see today would not be possible.

Every year many inventions and discoveries are made which give the edge to science and technology. But, discoveries and innovative topics play an important role in competitive exams as well. The following list covers discoveries and innovations in science and technology to help you gain knowledge.

Top 11 Science and Technology Discoveries and Inventions 2023

Inventions and Discoveries in Science and Technology

This is a list of the most recent innovations and future possibilities. You will be surprised to know such facts related to technology, which you do not know. In the last twenty years, science and technology have made incredible progress. While some may find the future of technology scary, others find it exciting. Let us know some interesting facts related to technology that will surprise you.

Scientists Discover New Ink

The National Physical Laboratory and the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research have developed a new ink that can be used to combat the issue of fake passports and currency notes. This is a security feature to avoid duplication.

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  • Fluorescence and phosphorescence phenomena are the basis of the new ink.
  • It includes a single excitable, dual-emissive luminescent color.
  • This ink changes the color of the pigment once the notes have been printed.
  • Developed Ink is white in ambient light, but turns red when exposed to ultraviolet light. It will turn green if the UV source is turned off.

Discover the Paper Sensor

IIT Guwahati scientists created a paper kit that can be used to check the freshness of milk. It is possible to determine if pasteurization has been done properly.

  • It also comes with a smartphone app that makes sure milk is not turned sour.
  • The milk enzyme ALP, which is a measure of the milk’s quality, is used to determine the quality. ALP is a sign that there are active microbes even after pasteurization.
  • Researchers used ordinary filter paper that was impregnated by chemical probes that bind to ALP.
  • The white paper becomes colored when ALP comes into contact with the probe.
  • These Color Changes are captured using a smartphone camera, and then the images are processed to get the corresponding color values.
  • These values can also be compared to standard phone values.
  • The paper sensor detects ALP in milk and also its amount.

SpiNNaker: The World’s Largest Supercomputer

SpiNNaker, the world’s most powerful supercomputer, is designed to think in a similar way to a human brain.

  • It’s a Spiking Neural Network architecture, which can model biological machines better than any other device on the planet.
  • SpiNNaker can complete more than 200,000,000 actions per second, each of its chips having 100,000,000 transistors.
  • Because it does not send information from one point to another like other computers, the supercomputer is unlike all others.

Hyperloop Technology

Hyperloop, a new type of ground transportation free of friction, is now available. It is a tube-modular transport system that allows people and goods to move safely. This technology has a minimal environmental impact. If the hyperloop system is successful, we can cover long distances in less time. It covers a distance of 35 km in just 5 minutes.

Secretagogin Protein

Secretagogin protein was demonstrated by CCMB and CSIR scientists in Hyderabad. The role of this protein is to enhance the action of insulin in obesity-induced diabetics. It regulates insulin secretion, signaling, maturation, and insulin synthesis in diabetes.

Diarrhoea Vaccine ETVAX

The University of Gothenburg, Sweden, developed ETVAX, a vaccine. Enterotoxigenic E.coli bacteria (ETEC) is the main cause of Diarrhoea. The new vaccine ETVAX contains E.coli with a high amount of protective antigens and LCTBA, an ETEC-based subunit protein.


CSIR-IITR has developed a water disinfection system that is affordable and meets all the requirements of potable water in both urban and rural areas. Water is safe to drink as it has been disinfected from disease-causing pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and fungi. This technique is called Onir because “O” stands for singlet oxygen and “Neer” for water. It is actually based on anodic oxygenation.

How cells adapt to Oxygen Availability

Gregg L. Semenza, Peter J. Ratcliffe, William G Kaelin, Jr., and Peter J. Ratcliffe identified the machinery of molecules involved in controlling gene activity in response to changing oxygen levels. The discovery of the machinery of molecules that regulate gene activity in response to changing oxygen levels provides new strategies for fighting cancer, anemia, and other diseases.

Exoplanet Orbiting A Solar-Type Star

Didier Queloz and Michel Mayor were awarded the Nobel prize for discovering an exoplanet orbiting a solar-type star. An exoplanet, or extrasolar planet, is a planet orbiting a star outside the solar system. This discovery was made using the radial velocity technique.

Lithium-ion Battery

Lithium-ion batteries are used all over the world to power portable electrons we use to communicate and study, work, and seek knowledge. These batteries have the advantage of being based on lithium ions flowing back and forth between the anode & cathode. This is in contrast to chemical reactions that can cause the electrode to be destroyed.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is cryptography-based, secure, and distributed throughout the network. It supports bitcoin and any other digital asset. Digital goods can be transferred without the need for central authorization. It is a Public Ledger System, which records and validates every transaction. This makes it reliable and secure.

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