Mississippi tornado kills 23 and brings devastation to US state

Mississippi tornado kills 23 and brings devastation to US state: Officials said that at least 23 people were reported to have been killed and dozens more injured in Friday’s tornado-forced storms in Mississippi. The storms, which also included at least one tornado, struck Mississippi on Friday night. They tore down roofs, almost leveled some homes and knocked out power for thousands of residents.

The storm system’s greater force is moving east Saturday morning.

“We have many local and state search-and-rescue teams that are still working this morning. The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency stated that many resources are available to help those who have been affected.

“The loss of these friends and family will remain in these communities for ever.” Mississippi Governor: Please pray that God will provide comfort for all those who have lost loved ones and friends. Tate Reeves tweets.

Last night’s tornadoes caused at least 23 deaths among Mississippians. We know many more are hurt. Search and rescue teams remain active.

These towns will feel the loss for a lifetime. We ask for God’s protection and guidance for all those who have lost loved ones.

After a tornado hit Silver City and Rolling Fork in a confirmed storm, search-and-rescue efforts began to help storm victims. One resident described the latter as “obliterated”.

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Rolling Fork in Mississippi was home to the Blues singer Muddy waters. It is a small community of less than 2,000 people who live under constant flood threat.

Eldridge Walker, Rolling Fork Mayor, says that his city has been destroyed.

CNN reported that rescue efforts are underway as we speak.

According to the National Weather Service, the tornado was moving at 50 mph as it passed over the town shortly after 8 p.m. CT.

Walker said that many buildings and homes in the city were destroyed by the storm. Walker said that there are still some structures left, but they aren’t as badly damaged as the others.

We are going to be back strong. Walker said that houses can be rebuilt if they are damaged. He urged residents not to move as rescue teams continued to search the area.

Brandy Showah said that she has never seen anything similar to it. “This was a small, great town. And now it’s gone.”

According to Angelia Easton, at least 13 deaths were reported about 60 miles north of Jackson in Sharkey County, home of Rolling Fork.

Royce Steed, director of emergency management, said that three others were killed and at most two are in critical condition in Humphreys County. He spoke to CNN on Saturday morning.

Three people were killed in Carroll County by a tornado, Mark Stiles, the coroner, told CNN. Coroner Alan Gurley also stated that two people were killed at the Monroe County, in northeastern Mississippi.

Showah stated that the tornado caused damage to homes and buildings, destroyed trees, and knocked down power lines.

Showah stated that Showah’s grandmother’s house suffered roof damage, and that its air conditioners had to be ripped out. However, her grandmother is now safe. Many of the trees in her grandmother’s yard, including one her grandfather had planted 50 years ago, have been felled.

Showah stated that her friend was trapped in her house a few houses below, but she and her friends got her out. She also said that her grandmother’s neighbors are still trapped in their homes. She stated that all power has been turned off in the area of her grandmother.

The region was devastated by severe storms that plowed through it, trapping residents and knocking out power in Alabama and Tennessee.

Storm debris and fallen trees littered roads. Videos from the scene show that homes and buildings were almost levelled, with household appliances, furniture, and clothes lying right where they once stood.

According to the National Weather Service, the same “large, destructive” tornado was also detected near Coila. The service issued a tornado alert – the most severe type of tornado warning – in Rolling Fork and Silver City.

According to the Storm Prediction Center, there have been at most 11 tornado reports in Mississippi and Alabama within the past 24 hours. These include the storms that affected Rolling Fork and Silver City in Mississippi.

It is not clear if the tornadoes that caused the destruction are one tornado or several.

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