When is Mardi Gras 2024? Get ready for a shorter Carnival

The vibrant parades and dazzling costumes of Mardi Gras returned on Fat Tuesday and the majority of New Orleans krewes back on their parade routes prior to the pandemic and the normality returned to the main event.

If the 2018 Carnival seemed a little too short, prepare for 2024's season to pass quickly. Mardi Gras next year falls eight days earlier, which is February. 13th, the day prior to Valentine's Day.

With the 12th Night on Jan. 6 being the day that marks the beginning of Carnival this means that in 2024, the season is expected to run for 38 days, as opposed to the 46-day season in 2023. 

Easter is celebrated on the Sunday following the full moon in the ecclesiastical cycle that occurs at or shortly after the vernal equinox on March 21.

This means that Easter will never take place before March 22 or earlier than April 25.

Mardi Gras is set 47 days prior to Easter, and it occurs on a Tuesday between February. 3. and 9.

Both dates are exceptional due to the fact that Mardi Gras will fall on these dates only once throughout the course of a lifetime, occurring roughly once every 100-150 years.