Tropical Storm Hilary Unleashes Unprecedented Rainfall and Flooding in California

Tropical Storm Hilary traveled from Mexico to California, bringing heavy rainfall and flooding concerns.

San Diego's Mayor, Todd Gloria, expressed worry about unusual rain during summer, fearing power outages and flooding.

Authorities advise against driving due to mudslides, road deterioration, and potential hazards from heavy rainfall.

Some communities declare emergencies as Hilary is anticipated to be a historically destructive storm in California.

Experts from the National Weather Service warn of life-threatening flooding in Los Angeles and Ventura counties.

Emergency responders work to rescue people trapped in floodwaters in various areas.

Palm Springs received over 2 inches of rain in 6 hours, nearly half its annual average, causing significant impact.

Downtown Los Angeles, Burbank, and Palmdale experienced higher-than-usual rainfall levels throughout the day.