Saginaw Valley State University education professor receives national recognition

Saginaw Valley State University education professor receives national recognition: National recognition has been given to another professor at Saginaw Valley State University for their dedication and commitment to education.

Following the announcements made by SVSU naming Natalia Knoblock and Andrea Frederick among the Fulbright scholars for this year and J. Blake Johnson as this year’s MEA Distinguished Servant of Public Education Awards, Anne Tapp, Professor of Teacher Education has been chosen by the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education to receive the David G.Imig Award for Distinguished Achievements in Teacher Education for 2023.

According to SVSU, the David G. Imig Award recognizes distinguished achievement in formulating, implementing, or analyzing teacher education policy or distinguished scholarship in educator training.

This award is named after David G. Imig (AACTE President and CEO Emeritus), who was the Association’s leader from 1980 to 2005.

Tapp joined the College of Education at SVSU in 2002 and teaches undergraduate and graduate courses. He has also presented frequently at national conferences and published a number of journal articles.

Tapp stated that it was an honor to see her research interests come to fruition. This includes the integration of technology, STEM, science, technology and engineering, and reflective practice.

Tapp stated, “It’s a great honor being selected for AACTE’s David G. Imig Award for Distinguished Achievement In Teacher Education.” “I am blessed to have worked with incredible colleagues at SVSU and AACTE, as well as AACTE’s Advisory Council of State Representatives. They make a difference in teacher education and P-12 student lives.”

Tapp was elected to AACTE’s board of directors in 2021. Tapp is currently the chair of AACTE’s Advisory Council of State Representatives. She was also recently elected to its executive committee.

Tapp, in addition to her AACTE work, is also a director for the University of Michigan Center for Digital Curricula. She was previously president of the Michigan Association of Colleges and Teacher Education.

Tapp is currently on a sabbatical at SVSU and working as a Jet Propulsion Laboratory education executive.

According to the release Tapp will be receiving her award at Saturday’s AACTE Awards Reception at AACTE 75th Annual Meeting in Indianapolis.

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