Researchers think alien civilizations might be creating black holes to store quantum data

Researchers think Alien Civilizations might be creating Black Holes to Store Quantum Data: A new paper proposes an outrageous idea. It is possible that aliens could be creating black holes for quantum storage. Although it sounds absurd, some scientists believe it could provide a solution for the Fermi Paradox. Does this basically state that if life exists in the universe, then why hasn’t there been evidence beyond Earth?

This paradox has created quite a few ripples in the scientific community, particularly among those who believe that alien life exists out there and is just waiting for discovery. Although the new paper is still not peer-reviewed, it was written by a group of Georgian and German scientists. They believe we might be looking in an incorrect direction when searching for alien life.

Radio signals are currently used to find signs of life in the universe. These researchers suggest that we approach black holes differently as if they were created by alien civilizations to store data. We should therefore be looking out for techno signatures from megastructures such as pulsars and white dwarf stars.

Roger Penrose, an astrophysicist, first proposed the idea that black holes could be unlimited sources of energy in 1980. Although it might seem unlikely, scientists agree that artificially small black holes could be used as capacitors for quantum information. Hence, it is possible that alien-made black holes could do the same.

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These researchers claim that all we need to do to support the theory is to find evidence of techno signatures in a black hole. Researchers claim that the IceCube Neutrino Observatory in Antarctica can detect techno signatures within black holes. This could prove that the theory is possible.

This is only one possible direction we could go in our quest for extraterrestrial existence. Although it may seem crazy that aliens could create black holes and store quantum data inside them, this is something that astronomers can investigate. Scientists will likely find a new direction if this doesn’t work out.

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