Heartbreaking News: Beloved ‘This Is Us’ Star Ron Cephas Jones Passes Away at 66

Heartbreaking News: Beloved ‘This Is Us’ Star Ron Cephas Jones Passes Away at 66: Hollywood Mourns the Loss of Ron Cephas Jones, Remembered Fondly by “This Is Us” and “Truth Be Told” Co-Stars

The entertainment industry is grappling with a profound loss as Ron Cephas Jones, a celebrated actor, passes away at the age of 66. Colleagues from the television series “This Is Us” and “Truth Be Told” are taking a moment to reflect on his life and career.

Confirmation of his passing came through a statement from Jones’ representative to People magazine, citing a prolonged pulmonary issue as the cause. The Hollywood Reporter has also attempted to contact Jones’ representative for further details.

In response to the news, several of Jones’ friends and fellow actors, including Mandy Moore, Sterling K. Brown, Chrissy Metz, and Octavia Spencer, have shared their heartfelt tributes on social media to honor his memory.

Mandy Moore, renowned for her role as Rebecca Pearson in the acclaimed series “This Is Us,” conveyed her sentiments on Instagram. She expressed, “Having the privilege of knowing and collaborating with Ron during the remarkable journey of ‘This Is Us’ was an immeasurable gift. He radiated pure magic as both a human being and an artist… Every moment with him is now a cherished memory.”

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Moore continued, “While his physical presence on set may not have been as frequent as we hoped, his impact on the essence of the show was so profound that it felt as though he was always present. The filming of a specific episode, where we welcomed him back to bid a proper farewell to our ‘TIU’ family and the entire experience, holds a special place in my heart. The sorrow I feel is profound. My heart goes out to Jasmine and all his loved ones.”

Sterling K. Brown, who portrayed Randall Pearson, the biological son of William Hill (Jones) on “This Is Us,” also paid tribute to the late actor. He remarked, “Today, life imitates art, and we bid farewell to one of the world’s most remarkable individuals. @cephasjaz, your light may have dimmed, but it will forever shine in our hearts. You are loved, and your absence will be deeply felt. Keep sharing laughter in the next chapter, and I’ll see you there.”

Chrissy Metz, acclaimed for her role as Kate Pearson, expressed her gratitude for Jones’ influence, stating, “Every room you entered became brighter in your presence.” Her heartfelt tribute continued, “Your kind heart, exceptional spirit, boundless talent, and radiant smile have left an indelible mark on me.

May your journey onward be illuminated and serene. My heartfelt support goes out to Jasmine and your dear ones during this challenging time. You truly were an extraordinary soul.”

Dan Fogelman, the creator of “This Is Us,” also shared his sentiments on social media, reflecting, “This is an immense loss.

Ron was the embodiment of excellence – on screen, on stage, and in real life. The epitome of cool. Always a delight to be around, always inducing laughter. And my goodness: what an actor. Not a single one of his takes was ever altered in editing… because every one of his performances was flawless.”

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